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Strong and wonderful Dalarna

From the beginning Dalarna is the mining province of Sweden. In small pits iron, copper, silver and gold was won. The traces of this era can still befound in the small cities, abandoned mines, mideaval kilns and smithes and an extended web of small railways. Tolvsbo, in this era, was a ‘Bergsmansgård’, a manor for the rich Bergman who besides managing a wealthy farm also owned a share in one of the kilns in the neighbourhood.

Now the sound of hammers has silenced

Nowadays Dalarna is a prosperous and diverse touristic province where forests and acres are beaded with beautiful lakes and characteristic red wooden houses. Dalarna is the land of Carl Larsson where troll, fairies and elves share the quiet and space with elks, wolves, bears and lynxes.

Why would i visit dalarna?

Dalarna has a lot to offer: History, nature and peace. In the surroundings of Tolvsbo Manor there is a choice of villages and cities with arts- and crafts, antiques, secondhand shops and local musea. During summer almost every place has its own open-air concert. In the column on the left you will find a selection of Turist Bureaus in the neighbourhood. In the hotel you will find a library of brochures about Dalarna and of course we will gladly answer all your questions and help you organise splendid trips!

Facts about Dalarna

Area: 28.194 km²
Population: 275.755
Capital: Falun

Turist office

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