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Tolvsbo’s surroundings

Tolvsbo is a little hamlet in South-Dalarna, surrounded by villages and cities. You can find golfcourses, second-hand stores, wandering routes, skiing tracks, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, elks, wolves, bears, lynxes, and if you look very closely even gnomes, fairies, trolls and elves.

Right outside the hotel there’s a big lake with a private peer for swimming and canoeing. During wintertime we make an skating-rink and rent out iceskates. We also rent out bikes, and due to the faint hills the landscape is excellent for riding both short and long routes, for exemple 2 km to Söderbärke or 18 km to the city of Smedjebacken. During summer there is a variety of open-air musea and concerts to be visited. More detailed information about events and opening hours can be found in our extensive brochure-library, and of course we will gladly help you with any questions!

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