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About us

About us

Hi there!
We are Roswitha and Fridus, and Tolvsbo is the place where we make our guests at home since 2006. Away from the pace of the Netherlands here we find peace, quiet, space and nature and we are excited to share all of this with you! In our hotel you can eat tasty homemade food, sleep, relax in the Spa, canoe, ride a bike, swim, look at art, make art and just enjoy yourself in every possible way. Fridus’ handiwork and Roswitha’s artistic eye can be found in the smallest details and the ongoing stream of changes big and small that day by day make this place prettier, cosier and more complete.

Welcome at Tolvsbo!
Roswitha Robijn & Fridus Vis


Fridus och Roswitha
Fridus Vis & Roswitha robijn