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Guided walk with biologist Tomas Husing
Minimum of 5 applicants
80:- SEK per person

Beaver- / Mose safari
Take an exciting safari at dusk in one of the following ways: walking, canoeing or driving with a minivan. Naturarvskompaniet arranges this safari and guarantees a 100% chance of seeing an elk (with the current minimum at 5 moses!) and a 90% chance of seeing a beaver.
minimum of 4 applicants
Price: 500:- SEK per person, meal included.
for 200:- SEK you get transport from and to Tolvsbo.

Boat-tour with Mi Andersson
Take a nice tour across the beautiful lakes from the harbour of Smedjebacken.
minimum 6 applicants

Bergslagens History
Meet a maid-servant of the Bergsmen here at Tolvsbo and join her in a day from the life of the Bergsmen around 1826, the year Tolvsbo was built.
minimum of 5 applicants
50:- SEK per person


Ann-Kristine Treard installs her mobile smithy in our yard so you can get to work!
minimum of 5 applicants
200:- SEK per person

Are you with a large group? Visit Europe’s largest do-it-yourself smithy in Smedjebacken. Ann Kristine is the engine behind this unique project where with the help of the smithes guild groups up to 40 persons can gather around the 20 fires to forge in the former factory of Ovako Steel.

There’s room to paint daily, whenever you like. In the restaurant is a painters’ corner where you can paint a small painting, or your own unique Dala-horse! Prices are dependant on the size of you canvas or horse and are between 55 and 105 SEK.

Feel-good day with Birgitta Lundquist.
A day to get in touch with yourself with QiGong, meditation, acupressure and massage.
Language: English, Swedish
minimum of 5 applicants
650:- SEK per person

Relax and enjoy

During summer we offer, apart from the usual activities like sauna, spa, biking, swimming, making a fire, painting, sleeping in, walking, watching films, eating, and relaxing in general, a number of slightly more organised activities. Those are not bound to dates, if you just let us know you are interested we will help you with the rest!

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