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Head Werk

Experience, friendship and adventure

Would you like to work abroad a while and gather new and exciting experiences? Do you like to work hard and independently? At Tolvsbo you can work as a volunteer in return for board and lodging. Working hours and chores depend heavily on season and whether it is weekend or midweek.

Who do we look for?

What we need help with: Kitchenwork, waiting, dishwashing and maintenance. You will be living in a room with bathroom, or a room in our own house.

Done with your help

  • Built a wall in one of our conferencerooms
  • Painted the restaurant and hotel lobby
  • Built a bridge for swimming
  • New big windows in one of our conferencerooms
  • 10.000 hours of kitchen work
  • Making the terrain look pretty and groomed
  • Did we forget something? Send us an email!

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